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фотография Dave Dudley

Название :

Counterfeit Cowboy

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    country   trucker country   classic country   male vocalists   schlager trucker

Видео: Dave Dudley -  Counterfeit Cowboy  

Was another beer drinkin` Friday afternnon at Jimmy`s tavern
This cowboy he came struttin` in with a big cigar in his mouth a total stranger
Wore silver toed high heeled boots and a big old horseshoe diamond ring
Hung his big white Stetson hat on the rack by the pinball machine
He walked up to the bar ordered ten rolls of nickels and a Schlitz
He handed Jim a fifty dollar bill from his big old fat money clip
He walked over to the pinball and kicked the legs till she leveled up with that floor
Dropped them nickels in till he had every odd and feature lit up on that board
Cowboy had Jim`s tavern lookin` like a pinball convention
He politely asked for some breathin` room and never showed any signs of tension
He fired three balls in a row sunk a lucky ten twelve and a deuce
When we finished rollin` all that lead he was about four hundred bucks to the good
Ol` Jim was countin` pennies but still come up about twelve dollars shy
Cowboy said I`ll just take a case of beer and let`s let the rest of it slide
He picked up that big white Stetson case of beer and he made it for the door
I said hey cowboy if you`re feelin` lucky let`s shuffle one for fifty down that board
Well Lucy was my good luck charm he didn`t know it he let her toss that coin
I gave cowboy the honors he called tails and naturally I won
So I stepped aside and he laid a three for me to win it was gonna take a four
Well I let it sail and Lucy smiled and I knew that puck was hangin` off the board
Well it`s another beer drinkin` Friday but Jimmy`s tavern just ain`t the same
No Wager signs everywhere no shuffleboard and no pinball machines
No Jim`s checkin` every federal note with that looking glass that he keeps in the till
Since cowboy took us for a ride with this counterfeit fifty dollar bills
Oh I bet that ring was made outta glass and he`s laughin` out his back pocket
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