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фотография De Heideroosjes

Название :

Break the public peace

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    punk   punk rock   dutch   hardcore punk   dutch punk

Видео: De Heideroosjes -  Break the public peace  

words: Marco Roelofs

We`ve got to break the public peace
Force those suckers down to their knees
We`ve got to make them show
That suit and tie guy can`t play with us, oh no

We`ve got to stick together as one
Our fight ain`t over, it has just begun
We`ve got to break the public peace
To save the ones we love, the kids, the trees

So tell your mommy you won`t be home for dinner
And tell your daddy you do what he was too scared for
The fight for freedom within yourself
Don`t rely on others, it`s your choice and no one else`s

We won`t cut our hair to get a job
We won`t act macho to become a cop
We won`t suck your dick to be in your scene
We won`t wear a suit that`s what you call clean

We`ve got to let them hear our voice
If we want to survive, it`s the only choice
We`ve got to go back to the basics of nature
To discover we`re a hell of a creature

Break it, break it, break the public peace!

* A song about doing those things your parents told you not to
do. Feel free, find out for yourself who you are and what you
wanna do with your life. It`s your life and you can only live
it once, so do it your own way!
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