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фотография Conception

Название :

Fairy`s Dance

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    progressive metal   power metal   norwegian   metal   progressive

Видео: Conception -  Fairy`s Dance  

[Music: Tore Ostby]
[Lyrics: Tore Ostby]

Deep in the woods you can hear her
Singing songs so enticing
The prettiest tunes that you`ve ever heard
Taken you`ll follow the way
Where the voices are guiding
Far from the path she`s waiting for you

Alone by the mere she is dancing
In the wind her long hair`s flicking
She`s the most beautiful girl you`ve ever seen
Obsessed by desire you`re blinded
When you`re standing right before her
She`s looking deep into your eyes as she says

Fall in my arms, let me be yours
I`ll give you everything you`re dreaming of
Come dance with me, say you`ll be mine
We`ll be in heaven till the end of time

Seduced you will fall in her arms
Tight you hold her next to you
There`s nothing in this world that can stop you now
But suddenly you see reflections
Of her body in the water
Rotten and old with a cow`s tail, she has fooled you

Realize she is an evil,
Wicked fairy who has trapped you
Caught in her net so helpless and lost
She`s casting a spell on you
And you`ll be among her big castle
You are turned into a cow, `cause you did what she said

Fall in my arms...


Still we can hear her
Calling for us
Still she is singing
Her seducing tunes

Fall in my arms...
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