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фотография Van Morrison

Название :

Wasted Years

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    classic rock   singer-songwriter   folk   rock   blues

Видео: Van Morrison -  Wasted Years  

Wasted Years
Wasted years been brainwashed by lies
Oh yes I have
Oh wasted years
I`m talking about wasted years
Oh I`m not seeing eye-to-eye
I just can`t see the things I should see
Wasted years, baby
I was taking the wrong advice
I know you was, I know you was
And I was too
All alone I`m travelling
Travelling through these wasted years
For so long, so long, so long I was
Oh, I must have gained some wisdom
Down through the years I did
Somewhere along the way
Oh yes, I did, oh yes I did
Thet`s why there can`t be no more
No more
No more wasted years today
I got wise, I got wise to myself
Well baby the great sadness
Oh, you`ve got to let it all go
Oh yeah, oh yeah Van
Live in the present
Live in the future John Lee, ain`t that so
Oh, it`s a sad feeling, oh yeah
Oh, you`ve gotta find something
To carry you through, carry you through,
carry you through
I`ve learned my lesson
I ain`t gonna do it no more, yeah
Now Van
Now John
I`ve learned my lesson
I should have a long time ago
That`s right
All these wasted years, wasted years
I finally woke up and got wise
I ain`t gonna be, ain`t gonna be no fool no more
Now Van, now Van
Ain`t gonna be nobody`s body`s fool no more
Sing the song Van, sing it with me
Well all alone, all alone I`ve been travelling
Travelling all along through these wasted years
Dark, dark wasted years
So dark here
Dark, dark, dark, dark wasted years
I must have gained something
Oh travelling along the lonely way
Yeah, I`ve learned a lesson
I`m gonna make damn sure baby, make damn sure
There`s no more wasted years today
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