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фотография Cozy Powell

Название :

Na Na Na

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    hard rock   classic rock   rock   drums   70s

Видео: Cozy Powell -  Na Na Na  

Na na na na

When I was a kid my old man said to me
When you grow up son what cha gonna be?
You gonna go to school and get a degree?
Or you gonna go to work in a factory?
I said
Na na na na
I know what I want and I know what I can
And I wanna get a job in a rock`n roll band.

the man at the desk said
I know how you feel.
But how d`ya like a job fixing automobiles

Your card says you got no musical training

I said hey
look man
you just don`t get my meaning.
I don`t wanna be no guitar star
And the man on the piano works too damn hard.
And the bass man he don`t cop for no glamour

I wanna be the man with the fifty pound hammer going.

Na na na na

I know you get your kicks
Playing Hendrix licks
You`re a wizard of Wembley Central
You`re the J. S. Bach of Belsize park

And me I`m just plain mental.
But when I play my boogie
when I play my blues

It`s like a whole tank regiment on the move
You can play the notes and you can tell the story

Me I`ll just settle for the power and the qlory.

Na na na na
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