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фотография Youth Of Today

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    hardcore   straight edge   youth crew   hardcore punk   punk

Видео: Youth Of Today -  Envy  

Constant competition and criticism between friends
We`ll bite and fight with our might untill we win in the end
I`ve got one up on you, you`ve got one up on me
Overlooking each other`s worthy qualities
I`m sorry it`s got a hold of me
And I pray I can shake free
It`ll damage my pride, It`ll hurt me
So tangled up in envy
I lash out at you, you strike back at a chance
Low blows, anything goes at each other`s expense
Choosing up teams, we`re picking up sides
We try to nudge, and we won`t budge an inch for our pride
Conceit, false prestige
Same old story, hunt for glory
Will I ever see humility?
And will it ever manifest in me?/
And when the damage is done, no one won
And that`s our idea of fun
Envy from the final Youth Of Today 7", lyrics by Ray of Today.
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