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фотография Tom Petty

Название :

Mary Jane`s last Dance

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    classic rock   rock   singer-songwriter   80s   folk

Видео: Tom Petty -  Mary Jane`s last Dance  

she grow up in a indiana town
had a good looking mama who never was around
she grew up tall and she grew up right
with themm indiana boys on a indiana night

well she move down here at the age of 18
she blew the boys away,was more than theyve seen
i was introduced and we both started groovin
i sad i dig you baby but i got to keep movin`
on (keep movin`on)

refrain: Last dance with mary jane
One more tome to kill the pain
I feel something creepin`in
i`m tired of this town again

well i don`t know what i`ve been told
you never slow down, you never grow old
tired of screwin`up, tired of going down
tired of my self, tired of this town
oh my my, oh hell yes
honey put on that partydress
buy me a drink sing me a song
take as i come, `cause i can`t stay long


there are pigious down on the market square
she`s standing in her underwear
looking down from a hotelroom
nightfall will be coming soon
oh my my, oh hell yesyou got to put on that party dress
it was to cold to try when i woke up alone
i hit last number and i walk to road

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