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фотография Eternity X

Название :

Baptized By Fire

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    progressive metal   metal   progressive   progressive rock   usa

Видео: Eternity X -  Baptized By Fire  

What have the prophets done to gain the path we seek?
The grayness that I see above it always follows me
And the fruits of this life they take on many forms
As the fire in Hell`s cauldron, the image it always burns

And the books
See the pages
Read between the lines
It`s been shadowed with disillusionment
Just take back what you find

Let`s hide away to the distant hills never question why
When we were conceived to this we were baptized by fire

No, it`s a lie and it`s not mine
It`s a tragedy, a mystery
That we must find
It`s a call to war,
It`s a shameless whore
It`s a fantasy, a mystery
It`s all you wanted here

I know that I can be sure of a quiet walk with you
Scenes of distance and sounds of calming, my hideaway is you
Dreams are slower, the day is longer, and I can face it too
Take me hold me, no one can hurt me, all because of you

Sold, it`s a fake
It`s a give and take
It`s a mystery, infinity
It`s a world too late
It`s a kind of fear
And it`s all right here
Don`t know the way I feel today

Though it feels I`m way ahead this time
Seems far too good to be true
I know...
I know

I know that there is a savior when the day is through
A passive knowing, a faithful wanting, a world I know as you

And fate is a walk I fear to take it`s true
I know...
I sometimes feel I`ll never make it through
I know...
I know

Like a child born to survive all, basking time with you
Spending hours on ivory towers, could this all be true?

Hate, it`s a fire
It`s a bold faced lie
It`s a fallacy, insanity
The disease inside
It`s a walk through tears
For all those years
It`s misery, your history
And it`s all right here

The end, it`s a race
In the life you faced
It`s a parody, hypocrisy
It`s your one last taste
And death, for real
Yeah, it makes no deals
It`s a tragedy, reality
No one wants to hear

I know that I can be sure of quiet nights with you
A face of knowing and understanding, one I know as you
In the distance I see existence, I know you see it too
You`re all I dream of, you`re all I think of, I know I just love you

No, it`s gone
Life`s not that long
It`s senility, a rhapsody
It`s all that`s wrong
And here you stand
All alone again
It`s misery, insanity
You can`t defend

And now you`re dead
It`s a kick in the head
It`s a tragedy, a mystery
Isn`t that what you said?

But if you can take the bounty
I will grab the soul
Then we`ll run away together
no one will ever know
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