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фотография Crashdog

Название :

Voice Of Defiance

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    christian punk   hardcore punk   political   chicago   american

Видео: Crashdog -  Voice Of Defiance  

We`re the young,
We`re the youth,
We`re the ones
Looking for the truth.
So they can say
"You`re only fifteen,"
But in my book
That don`t mean a thing.
You got a mind,
You got a voice,
Take a stand,
Make your choice.
We`re not into social compliance,
`Cause we`re the voice of defiance.
The Constitution splits
But they body and soul
You can`t separate.
They use their "rights"
As their defense,
But what ever happened
To consequence?
The damage that is done
While they stand there
And stare
Will come to haunt them
When they`re least aware.
We`re not into social compliance
`Cause we`re the voice of defiance.
Don`t believe the lies you`re fed,
But state the facts
To them instead.
Be an example
In virtue and in deed,
Put into practice
The words that you read.
Christ didn`t die
So we could sleep,
But to sow the seeds
That He will reap.
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