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фотография Golden Earring

Название :

Gambler`s Blues

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    classic rock   rock   dutch   hard rock   70s

Видео: Golden Earring -  Gambler`s Blues  

The table`s smokin`, I got money to burn
Get ready to spin that wheel again
I came to gamble, not to dance tonight
So cut the cards and deal `em nice
All or nothing, roll the dice
Son of a gun, there`s somethin` goin` on

Yeah, today`s my lucky day
Lady Luck, please come my way
I got money to burn, money to burn tonight
And as the dealer calls the play
I feel the shiver, comin` over me
Feel it in my fingertips alright

Cards slidin` faster and slicker
than a hooker`s lips in the neon light
I do what I do, I`m a gamblin` man
I gamble on life and I gamble on love
Gamble on luck from above, anyway I can
Seven card stud, with a full-house hand
I`m a jackpot maniac, my friend
Tequila shots, one more chance
For the blackjack gamblin` man

The devil bets, he bets on hell
And seven come, eleven right
Holdin` eights and aces tight
The gambler bets on heaven tonight

The devil bets, he bets on hell
Goin` in for the kill
Holding eights and aces tight
It`s the gambler`s bet tonight
On heaven tonight
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