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фотография Dr. Hook

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    classic rock   70s   rock   soft rock   oldies

Видео: Dr. Hook -  Wups  

Can`t cuss I forgot about that, so I can`t do that n` more.
There`s always something. I can`t do one thing, I can`t do this.
I can`t even open my mouth, I can`t _ can`t talk.
What d`you mean I can?
The only time I d.....man you....you really get to me man.....
...I swear you really do man sometime ain`t gonna screw......
whole back in .....I drive it all the time......you know....
....c`mon man you don`t know anything about me.....
I get a whole different impression of you
....well who the heck wouldn`t man?......If somebody had done like,
like you do all the time.....
Whenever I do wups
....oh it don`t work so we gotta fix that now....
I get a whole different impression of you
....I would too man but won`t you listen to me for one time?...
Look I used to do things for you but....
Whenever I do wups
...let me do it Ok. Its my time.....I`m gonna do it...
`Cause if I`m emotional
I can`t be emotional....Not now man c`mon....
Then I know you`ll walk with me
And if I`m conversational
....who`s conversational man?...just `cause I wanna talk to somebody
don`t mean....
I know you`ll talk to me
....I`ll talk to you man.....
But when I`m straight
...I`m straight now can`t you understand what I`m saying man?....
Don`t you know it can`t wait
...I can`t either ...C`mon now...
I get a whole different impression of you
...who wouldn`t man I get a different impression of you too man..
Whenever I, whenever I, whenever I do wups
...to say man, just say it.....and I`ll go man...I`ll get my stet and
I`ll go man.....I`ll split...I want all of you to hear it man....and I
want you to pay some attention to me for once in a while man...you dig it
...all of you man...you too Ron.....every now and then you don`t listen
to me right?....but after a while you say "Oh I heard something out the
corner of my ear....but I thought it was somebody else". But it was really
Bill.....it was really Bill...you dig it....just like it was when I said
hey ah that other tune...what is it.. that.. the bra. ... Sittin` In The
Bar, right ...I told you that was gonna be a hit and it was, and still is,
and people still record it man...ain`t nobody......every time
I say something
man I catch you do it....you do it...I....I know your brain ol` man.....
I know how it work ...you hear. You say uh oh...two month later
I thought of that......
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