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фотография Dion

Название :

Drive All Night

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    oldies   60s   rock n roll   doo wop   rock

Видео: Dion -  Drive All Night  

I`ve been away now
I just can`t wait now
I got your letters -
and I read between each line

I`ve been praying
that you`ll be waiting
So just remember -
I`m gonna make you mine

I`m gonna drive all night
till the morning light
I`m gonna roll till dawn
with the windows down
and the radio on
You know I`d drive all night
just to hold you tight
We`re gonna be so free
just me for you and you for me

I`ve been dreamin`
and I`ve been seamin`
just to see you -
`cause you`re my one desire

You`re the reason
my arms are open
Your sweet emotion
sets my heart on fire

I`m gonna drive all night...

Girl I should have known better - I nearly let you go
if I`d had my way
Woulda make you mine a long time ago
A little understanding - just a little bit of love
would go a long long way
let me show you what I`m thinking of

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