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фотография Van Der Graaf Generator

Название :

Orthenthian Street (Part Ii)

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    progressive rock   art rock   progressive   classic rock   rock

Видео: Van Der Graaf Generator -  Orthenthian Street (Part Ii)  

Can`t stop for a second:
we might see how silly we all are.
Can`t get out, even for a moment:
might be hit by a passing car.
Dreams shatter and fall into dust,
as long as we`re travelling I suppose they must.
But, while we`re on the road, our days`ll be glowing;
and when we part, as you know we must,
we`ll leave, just going
ever so slowly,
ever so slowly.
Motorway signs flash past like flies,
it`s getting late and we`re going home.
We all travel in parallel lines,
heading into the twilight zone.
All I
really want now is you by my side;
yes, it`s a sweet ride
while we`re still together.
Yes, it`s a sunny day, and we`re off on our sea trip;
The water may be cold in the bay,
but we`re safe on our sailing ship,
and, if ice forms, you can walk home to la
and still cling to my hand
if you still want to...
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