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фотография Omd

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    synthpop   80s   new wave   electronic   alternative rock

Видео: Omd -  Dreaming  

If you were born in heaven girl
I`d understand so well
But ever since I`ve met you child
You`ve made my life such hell
With every day that passes
I fall nearer to the ground
It seems that I`ve been looking for
Something that won`t be found
I was only Dreaming
I was only trying to catch your eye
I was only wishing you would notice me
Instead you said goodbye
Could this be the new answer then
To all the dreams we`ve made
Could there be some solution please
To rid me of this grace
But every single second that you held me in your arms
You build me up
You raise me up
You kill me with your charms
Would you stay with me tonight
Won`t you make these feelings last
Can we start this all again
Would that be just to much to ask
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