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фотография One More Time

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    swedish   pop   eurovision   90s   scandinavian

Видео: One More Time -  Vitality  

There is a stormy ocean although it might seem calm
But never judge it from the surface
The waves are being broken if they`re too big and strong
And if they`re weak they are worthless
When Mr. Trustee tells you that everything`s alright
You feel relieved and you just close your eyes
No matter what you thing or what you want to do
Changes always take a lot of sacrifice
But there`s one thing you will find worldwide
What`s stronger than all
What`s necessary it`s the force of life
We need it baby
The Vitality
It will survive
You just wait and see
There is a cold wind blowing but no one seems to care
We all build up a shelter hiding there
The ghettos gloomy stress who wants to face the mess
Your race or handicap makes you worthless
You do not have to be an Einstein or fool to see
The world is full of inhumanities
While waiting for a change some need a lot of strength
There`s so many cages never meant for birds
All reduced to silence, they need it all
What`s stronger than all... a.s.o.
Watching the waves at sea what`s next to be swept away
Feeling, I`m feeling the wind blowing and striking my face
Strength is what we need and baby don`t you know
It`s a precious feeling in our souls
What`s stronger than all... a.s.o.
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