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фотография Aaliyah

Название :

Rock the boat

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    rnb   soul   female vocalists   hip-hop   pop

Видео: Aaliyah -  Rock the boat  

Boy, you know
You make me float
Boy, you really get me high
I feel like I`m on dope
`Cause you, you
Serve me on a regular
Boy, beat the tide
Let`s stroke
Before he drifted me deeper
Now he really holds me close
Lets take this over boy, now
I want you to

Rock the boat...
Work the middle...
Change positions
Do positions...
Stroke it for me...

Ooh, baby
I love you stroke
`Cause you, `cause you
Get me where I`m going
I ain`t trying to get revoked
`Cause I believe, I believe
You know just
What you doing, now
Baby, now we can coast
Let`s don`t give in a hurry
That`s too slow
Go ahead and put
That thang in overdrive

[Repeat Chorus]

Stroke it for me
Hmm, stroke it baby
Stroke it baby
Hmm, work it baby
Work it baby
Ooh, stroke it
There is something
I want you to do

I want you to use yourself
Like you never
Ever used it before
Now explore my body
Until you reach the shore
You`ll be calling
Calling for me

[Repeat Chorus]
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