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фотография Deceased

Название :

Unhuman Drama

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    death metal   thrash metal   death-thrash metal   old school death metal   metal

Видео: Deceased -  Unhuman Drama  

I wish my mind would just slow down to a slightly moving crawl
I`ve seen the terror and watched the dead molest my loved ones gone
With death so pale these ruling monsters will leave their mark on me
As I lose my edge I realize something`s got to give
For a man that fears both life and death what is to be done?
Insane from knowing what awaits an outcome negative
A skeleton that`s incomplete a human shape of fear
Thrown to the powers of death unknown unfolding before my eyes
And with my prayers unanswered they`ll leave me for their kind
And now I know without a doubt that "god" is just a word
A grotesque creed has defiled the land mindless yet in total control
In all my years I`d never dream that earth would come to this
Man no longer "power creature" living beneath the sun
And so my search for heaven shows me that it`s not there
No faith I learn that religion never was waiting for me
Now I`ve no emotion no feeling no cares at all
I`m drained of my only pure life as sorrow claims a soul
There`s little hope and endless pain leaving me broken and weak
Deathlike in trance I`m quickly fading oh God you`ve forsaken me
These are tears of a beaten man that slowly wear my face
The scenes of doom may slightly alter the outcome`s the same
This lonely tale just keeps repeating in circles without an end
A rotting world filled with creatures from hell existing humans damned.....
It`s truly over!
I feel all alone in my plead to die and never return again
The need for flesh and malevolence is something I fear to come
And then someone or something grabs me and pulls me from this fright
I suddenly feel unafraid, safe and so alive.....
I`m so alive
Is it over? Did the torture end?
What`s happening? Please tell me!
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