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фотография Defleshed

Название :

Thorns Of A Black Rose

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    death metal   thrash metal   death-thrash metal   swedish   metal

Видео: Defleshed -  Thorns Of A Black Rose  

I want to breath you, feed you, seed you
Hold you, unfold you, grow old with you,
I need to see you, be you, me & you...

That`s all I want
That`s all I need

I`d like to fly you, spy you, die with you
Wear you, dare you, take care of you
I think of meeting you, greeting you, eating you
Hate you... but all I do is wait for you

That`s all I`d like
That`s all I think

I`ve ripped myself on the thorns of a black rose
Lost my will - that`s the way things goes

I dream of pouring you, scoring you,
getting more of you
And to find you, blind you, be kind to you
I`d love to dress you, stress you, caress you
Miss you, skiss you...kiss you...

I`d love to hate you
but what is there to do
when I only hate to love you?
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