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фотография Macabre

Название :

Ed Gein

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    death metal   murder metal   grindcore   metal   thrash metal

Видео: Macabre -  Ed Gein  

I`m a killer, and a gravedigger
My stew will be made out of you
I eat women, I`m a cannibal
And a necrophiliac too
I make bracelets out of bodies
And coffee drums made with flesh
Organs frying in my kitchen
And the skin of your chest is my vest

Ed Gein - He`s crazy, He`s mental, He`s sick
Ed Gein - The head of a girl in his sink
Ed Gein - His soup bowl is made of a skull
Ed Gein - Your face is a trophy on the wall

I`m a fiend, I`m so morbid
That I sleep with your organs at night
And have sex with decaying bodies
To me it`s such a delight
Then I`ll eat them in my kitchen
I will savour the mortal meal
It`s delicious, I`m excited
Just the thought of gives me a thrill

Ed Gein - He`ll shoot you in the head
Ed Gein - Then drag you home on a sled
Ed Gein - He`ll gut you in his woodshed
Ed Gein - Does things to your corpse people dread
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