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фотография 2Pac

Название :

A Day In The Life

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    rap   hip-hop   gangsta rap   hip hop   west coast rap

Видео: 2Pac -  A Day In The Life  

(Ray Tyson)
Postal border was makin` me mad
So I get up in my cruiser, broke out of the pad
Rolled to the West Side to check out my boys
Twenty brothers in the park, all bringin` the noise
Stepped out the car, Levi`s saggin`
Gold around my neck with my limb-walk laggin`
Walked up on my boys with the old E chillin`
The box with the big beats and my boys started illin`
A hoop game started so I jump in
Had the hoods` toughest team so I just had to win
Diz to the outside, 2Pac up the center
A ten minute game and we were the winners
The boys started smackin`, talkin` that slack and
till he see my posse and the suckers started backin`
Tried to say we cheat, because he got beat
Another lightweight sucker that can handle defeat
People wonder why I choose to live the hype
It`s not to understand, it`s just a day in the life
Kick it - it`s just a day in the life

Finally I`m on vacation and school is through
So here I am, on Monday mornin` with nothin` to do
Tried to get outta my bed, but I can`t move
Ya see I`m stuck to my matress like crazy glue
So there I lay, for half the day just thinkin`
Got up to brush my teeth cause my breath started stinkin`
But I was all alone so it wasn`t no thing
Got up to take a shower and heard the phone ring
Picked it up, the salutations, little bit frustrations
Who could be disturbin` me on my vacation?
Speakin` on the phone in an aggravatin` tone
Now I know what Michael meant by leave me alone
So I`m askin` who is it? and the answer shocks me
It was the voice of my homeboy Roc-T
Him and Dizzy had been waitin` for me
Had a show at three and now I`m late as can be
Said I have to take a shower, I`ll go ahead and take it
If I leave within the hour, I still might make it
I`m rollin` in a sweatsuit, wasn`t tryin` to get cute
Hopped on to the stage and said: "Sorry that I kept you"
I started rappin`, girls started clappin`
Couldn`t wait to finish so I could start mackin`
Jumped off stage, picked up the girl for the night
Huh, that`s how I`m livin`, a day in the life, come on
A day in the life

(Ray Tyson)
Stretch white limo hits the colessium
A crowd full of people sayin: "I can`t wait to see him"
Who is in the limo, who are they talkin` about?
Strictly Dope in the house, hear to turn the party out
We get out the car and can barely stand
Cause everywhere I look are screamin` fans
Girls on my tip but I really don`t sweat `em
They`ll tear my new clothes if your bodygurad`ll let `em
Hit backstage with two minutes to spare
Just enough time to grip a breath of fresh air
We hear the introduction, the audience is loud
I stepped out on the stage and then I moved the crowd
Winners all over, we tried to leave the scene
but there`s a whole crowd of people at the limousine
Pen and paper in my face, I couldn`t be mean
So I was signin` autographs at the age of seventeen
People wonder why I choose to live the hype
It`s not hard to understand, it`s just a day in the life
Kick it - it`s a day in the life

Kick it, kick it, kick it

Coolin` with my posse at the neighborhood disco
Talkin` to a cutie as I`m sippin` on my cisco
Askin` me to dance but I keep on sayin` "No"
Hate to dance fast, I only like to do it slow
Dizzy`s on the dance floor, funky, funky motion
Girl keeps on sweatin` me with sexual kind of totions
Roc is signin` autographs makin` girlies dizzy
Crowd sweatin` Strictly Dope cause we`re gettin` busy
Suckers wanna battle us, we move in silence
Strictly Dope is positive, we`re tryin` to stop the violence
Started feel tipsy, I`m lookin` for the door
The Cisco had me dizzy, I stumbled to the floor
And more I try to sit up, the less I seem to get up
My stomach starts to turn and my head feels wit` up
The room begins to spin, I pass out for the night
Just another way of livin` a day in the life, kick it

(Ray Tyson & 2Pac)
Knew I was a genius, soon as you seen this
Avoid hoe`s value, don`t have to redeem this
Teenage terror, no room for error
A girl start dissin`, and I SCARE HER!!
Risin` like inflation on your favorite station
Rap is my forte and my recreation
Girls wanna kiss me, suckers wanna diss me
My mother didn`t want me to be, but I`ma emcee
The ladies desire, emcees admire
That`s why many hate me and call me liar
Hoods of the hype-tip, girls on the ill-trip
I`m through rockin` this whack, so that`s it
I am the high type, my style is so right
It`s not hard to understand, it`s just a day in the life
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