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фотография 2Pac

Название :

Can U Get Away

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    rap   hip-hop   gangsta rap   hip hop   west coast rap

Видео: 2Pac -  Can U Get Away  

[2Pac] Whassup?It`s 2Pac.Can you get away?
Let me come swoop you up.
[girl] You know I got a man.
[2Pac] I know you got a man
but he ain`t gon` if I take you out.
[girl] Of course he gon` mind.
[2Pac] Let me take you to lunch.
I`ll have you back before he even get home;
before anybody see.
[girl] I can`t.(Aww c`mon!)He ain`t gon` let me.
[2Pac] Pleeeeeease...
[girl] Nah.
[2Pac] Oh aight.What`s wrong with your eye?
Why you got on glasses?

Verse One: 2Pac

Ever since I met ya I could beat depression
It`s like your man don`t understand, all he does is stress ya
I can see your state of misery from the introduction
Ain`t bout no suckin and touchin, just harmless discussion
Maybe we can see a better way, find a brighter day
Late night phone conversations -- would that be OK?
I don`t wanna take up all your time, be the next in line
Tell me your size, let me find you things with you in mind
I can see you`re cautious and I`m careful not to scare you
But anticipation of love makin
got you shakin when I`m standin near you
News of precision will prepare ya
In case you get scared, just ask the man in the mirror
Now the picture`s getten clearer all he does is hit you hard
I tell you to leave, and you tell me keep my faith in God
I don`t understand, I just wanna bring ya home
I wonder should I leave you alone and find a woman of my own
All the homies tell me that you don`t deserve it
I contemplate -- but in my heart I know you worth it
Tell me can you get away?

Ebony, can you get away?
C`mon.. let`s go.. can you get away?
Can you get away?

[girl] So much pressure in the air
[2Pac] I know, I know
[girl] And I can`t get away
[2Pac] Just for a little while love
[girl] I`m not happy here
[2Pac] I know it`s hard but, can you get away?
[girl] So much pressure in the air
[2Pac] Let`s go man, get up outta there
.. can you get away?
[girl] And I can`t get away
[2Pac] Do you love him?
[girl] I`m not happy here
[2Pac] Do you love that man?

Verse Two: 2Pac

Could it be my destiny to be lonely?
And checkin for these hoochies that be on me cause they phony
But you was different -- I got no need to be suspicious
Cause I can tell -- my life with you would be delicious
The way you lick your lips and shake your hips got me addicted
I`m sittin here hoping that we can find some way to kick it
Even though I got your digits gotta struggle to resist it
Slowly advance and miss my chance not to miss it
You blow me kisses
when he ain`t lookin, now your heart`s tooken
My only wish is that you change your mind and he get shook
Wanna take you there but you scared to follow, come see tomorrow
Hoping I can take you through the pain and sorrow
Let you know I care -- that someone`s there for your struggle
Depend on me, when you have needs or there`s trouble
I wanna give you happiness and maybe even more
I told you before, no time to waste we can hook up at the store
Can you get away?

[girl] So much pressure in the air
[2Pac] I know it is
[girl] And I can`t get away
[2Pac] Yeah you can
[girl] I`m not happy here
[2Pac] You ain`t happy huh ..can you get away?
[girl] So much pressure in the air
[2Pac] I know.. is he beatin on you?
[girl] And I can`t get away
[2Pac] Did he punch you?
[girl] I`m not happy here
[2Pac] Throwin you around the house?

Verse Three: 2Pac

I see you remiscin and I hope you listenin
In the position to pressure and offer competition
Me and you -- was meant to be my destiny, no longer lonely
Cause now it`s on for you and me, all I can see
A happy home, that`s my fantasy
But my reality is problems with your man and me
What can I do?Don`t wanna lose you to the sucker
Cause if he touch ya, I got some drama for that busta
Don`t wanna rush ya -- but make your mind up fast
Nobody knows -- on who controls will it last, before I ask
I hope you see that I`m sincere, and even if you
stay with him today I`m still here
I refuse to give up -- cause I believe in what we share
You`re livin in prison and what he`s givin can`t compare
Cause everything I feel for you I wanna let you know
Passion it be yours and I`ll never let you go
Tell me can you get away?

[girl] So much pressure in the air
[2Pac] Can`t get away.. why?
[girl] And I can`t get away
[girl] I`m not happy here
[2Pac] Let me take you away
All I really know, can you get away?
[girl] S
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