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фотография 2Pac

Название :

Fuck All Ya`ll

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    rap   hip-hop   gangsta rap   hip hop   west coast rap

Видео: 2Pac -  Fuck All Ya`ll  


Ha ha ha...fuck all y`all...fuck all y`all...I don`t need nobody
Fuck `em...Fuck all y`all

Verse 1

Money gone fuck friends
I need a homie that know me
when all these muthafuckin` cops be on me
I got problems ain`t nobody calling back
now what the fuck is happenin` with my ballin` cats
Remember me I`m ya homie that was down to brawl
Sippin` Hennessy hanging with the clowns and
all we used to do is drink brew, screw and common knew
we had bitches by the dozens oh we fuckin` cousins
You can throw ya middle finger if ya feel me loc
a nigga just got paid and we still was broke
It took time but finally the cash was mine
all the rewards of a hustler stuck in the grind
Look around and all I see is snakes and faces
like scavengers waitin` to take a hustler`s pape`s
and when you stuck where the fuck is all ya friends
They straight busted and can`t be trusted fuck y`all

Fuck all y`all 2x

Verse 2

I`m sippin` Tanqueray and juice and what`s the use
cause I`m a hopeless thug
Ain`t no love reminiscing on how close we was
way back in the day before they put the crack in the way
and heeyyy how much money can you stack in a day
It`s gettin` rough collect calls from my niggas in court
I recollect we used to ball now just living`s enough
I stand tall in the winter summer spring or fall
Thug for life scrawled all across the wall
and all about my dollars make me wanna holla
drop an album sell a million give a fuck about tomorrow
I know it`s gettin` crazy after dark
these marks keep on huffin` and puffin`
ain`t no fear in my heart
What`s going on in the ghetto still struggle and strive
I still roll with the heater smokin` chocolate thai
In 94 I`ll be going solo
too many problems with my own
so I`m rolling do-do
Fuck all y`all

Chorus 3x

Verse 3

I went from rags to riches quick
to socializing with the baddest bitches
went from a bucket to a rag with switches
I`m seein` death around the corner
I`m bumpin` Gloriaaaa doin` 90 `cause I wanna
I`m getting high like I said it with some chocolate thai
mixed with some indonesia watch me fly
And even though I know the cops behind me
hit the weed and uh I continue doing 90 (Biotch)
will I get caught another ticket get to kick it in court
Fuck the law give a shit I`m even worse than before
I know they wanna see a nigga buried
but I ain`t worried still throwing these thangs
got me locked in these chains
and hey nigga what the fuck is you wailin` `bout
soon as I hit the cell I`ll be bailin` out
And when I hit the streets I`m in a rush to ball
I`m screaming Thug Life nigga fuck y`all

Repeat of intro
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