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фотография Thanatos

Название :

Terminal breath

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    death metal   thrash metal   death-thrash metal   old school death metal   japanese

Видео: Thanatos -  Terminal breath  

In our final hour of darkness
Mankind breathes its terminal breath
Memories - all that remains
Human life as we know it... shall die

Blackened clouds are closing in
Evil forces gathering
Day of Judgement, Dawn of Death
Planet Earth is now deceased

As your life passes
Before your eyes
The fim=nal chapter
You realise

Being drained of life
Drowning in pain
The ultimate horror
Intensily slain

Lungs are filled with the stench of death
smell of blood and dismemberment
Suffocation now sets in
Termination has begun

Fighting the pain in your soul Drawn
to the gates down below
In the wastelands of Hell
you shall dwell...

Reign of Death, Realm of Gore
Wastelands of terror
The Kingdom below
loss os senses, loss of contorl
Drained of joy, Hatred within
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