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фотография Thy repentance

Название :

Vision From Under Dark Water

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    black metal   atmospheric black metal   ambient black metal   russian   dark ambient

Видео: Thy repentance -  Vision From Under Dark Water  

There`s stillweeping wind`s groans
Above the swamplake old valley
Noiseless times are sliding away
Ones in grey shroud of sky and stars

When this world was dark young
Under bloody eye of anger
Gods, men and beasts
Killed each other here

Now in hard embrace of oblivion
Are they eyes in mortal suffering
They`re griped by thick ice of ages
They`re fierce, indocile, beautiful

All Hell`s Hatred and
Calm Of Mountains
Forest`s Gloom collided together
Satiated with blood the Earth
And Wind`s roar with suffering

At sunset battle`s hammer subsided
It was dark and peace in universe
All were dead and unstable swamps
Grew their grave forever Always...

...when the sky`s fire dies away
The strange pain press heart with cold
Like I`ve become a someone of those
Lie on valley under bloody stars
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