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фотография Unlord

Название :

Evil Spawn

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    black metal   melodic black metal   netherlands   dutch   black metal from netherlands

Видео: Unlord -  Evil Spawn  

[The origin of his master`s blood]

He frees the world from Rome and it`s Christian chains
`Aha-Hith, give birth to the master-warrior, creator of hate`
The child sees the light created from the burning flames
Enligtened death of his mother as he awakes

Evil, evil spawn, evil

Beware the evil spawn, grown on the wastelands of my name
Kerbech-Malish, the son is born, the mother fades away
Aha-hith, she drowns in blood, but has the strength
to show a sign
`You are alone, yet many, son of the darkest of minds`

Evil, evil spawn, evil

This created consiousness that he`s alone and grows in fear
His mother`s last words `Search your father, for he`s not here`
A slave his father was, chain in the environment of lies
Arosen from the mouth of the impaled pig who`d died

Evil, evil spawn, evil

`I avenge his imprisonment, even when it means that I must fight!`
He, his father in flesh, leaves at the dawn of night
`Go, for now enought to you, my blood, has been told`
`I`ve found my father in spirit, thy, Prince of the Underworld!`

Evil, evil spawn, evil
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