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фотография Type O Negative

Название :

Der Untermensch

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    gothic metal   doom metal   metal   gothic   gothic rock

Видео: Type O Negative -  Der Untermensch  

Hey you on public assistance
Why don`t you get a job?
Sell some dope and buy some pride
It`s the only thing you couldn`t rob


How does it feel to live for free?
Get off society`s back
Skells like you allowed to live
You wonder why we`re taxed


Getting fucked up on Classon Avenue
Smoking crack and drinking booze
Spike in your arm
No money for food
But there`s plenty of gas in your BMW

There`s a dopewhore waiting at home
Dealing your shit on the chemophone
Poor Tawana gets born with a birth defect
But it only increases your welfare check

Been doing some thinking and I have an answer
To arrest the spreading cancer
Send you back to where you came from
Get the fuck rid of you (sub)human scum

If you don`t pay taxes you shouldn`t vote
So get in line and get back on the boat
I`d love to tear down all those projects
Kiss my ass home relief reject

Waste of life
You`re a waste of life
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