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фотография Under black clouds

Название :

As blackness comes

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    black metal   death metal   swano related

Видео: Under black clouds -  As blackness comes  

In a dream
we quarrel again
don`t love each other
our eyes are black like the hell
in a dream
our looks are dead romance
there`s no rest
and the night is forever
I lose hold
how long does it take?
I sink into blackness
cold like a dead hell
your silhouette
is a far shore
a million miles
far away from me.

Clumsy and slow
my body falls upon you
the smell of your sweet
is what I love
my face gets wet
and blindness burns in my eyes
only dumb screams
no word comes over your lips
my blunt hands
are like two claws in your shoulders
I hold you
and it is silence
I see black
I eat into the darkness
I`m buried in you
while you disappear.

I stare blind
and see a darkness
so cold and deep
like a frozen sea
I get up
and open the door into the light
I emerge
to breathe the air wich I do not need
In your eyes
I see deep and cold hate
wich breaks out in you
and in the abyss of the night
whenever blackness comes
it is deeper than your eyes
pain is coming
and it is for eternity!

I hold on
like a survior to a shipwreck
I cling to the hope
that swims like driftwood
throughout days and nights
whipped by the beat of
my black and bleeding heart.
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