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фотография 5ive

Название :

Rock The Party

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    sludge   doom metal   drone   post-metal   stoner

Видео: 5ive -  Rock The Party  

My time to burn so sit back and check
the way I come through in the discotheque.
I know you like what I got, my style,
the original seventies dance floor hot new material.
Name ain`t down then you ain`t coming in.
Guest list on the door, you plus two friends,
just as long as they female and got a fit ass,
pole position never comin` in last.

Bass line, yeah you know it`s gonna get ya.
Free your mind if the system will let ya.
Peace time so it`s time to shout.
Guys in the back throw your hands about.

Rock the party.
We can go through the night.
If you`re living it up we`re gonna let ya.
If you`re giving it up we`re gonna get ya.
Rock the party.
If you`re feeling all right.
When you`re having a good time together
and a Saturday night lasts forever.

Yo can`t hold me back, I rock the dance floor.
Make a honey shake her booty so I kick it some more.
You know the score how they rock a freaky move up on the spot
never wanna stop, temperature is hot.
Now visual contact I got all that
make `em boogy for me when I verbally freak that.
Line after line, keep on hitting with my rhyme.
Now what you gotta do is bring your body next to mine.
Check it out.



Bass line is gonna get ya.
On a Saturday night we`re coming at ya.


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