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фотография Thou art lord

Название :

Societas Satanas

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    black metal   greek   blackened death metal   greek black metal   hellenic black metal

Видео: Thou art lord -  Societas Satanas  

Wolfen heart
Ruthless sight
Iron will
Blood, honour, loyalty!

Of noble breed
Odin`s blessed
Satan`s sons
The chosen ones

Magic runes
light our path
Ancient ways
inspire our wrath

What is last
will be regained
Our souls burn
like dragon`s breath

Societas Satanas

I remember the days
when in our sacred shrive
we exchanged vows of loyalty
and oath of blood

The castle walls were trembling from our shouts
and the gods of the old ways were watching us with pride

We will not betray our vows
When time will come we`ll rise again!

We saw the signs
We heard the call
we saw the ravens
caw for war

The rites of Galar
clear our minds
The Volva`s spells
strengthen our hearts

The glory days
will come again
We stand as one
We die as one

Like black wolves
we`ll sweep the lands
and the black sun
will shine again

Societas Satanas
Blood and honour
Societas Satanas
War and triumph

He, whom the gods hath feared

Thee I invoke, the bornless one
Thee that didst crate the earth and the heavens
Thee that didst create the night and the day
Thee that didst create the darkness and the light

Thou art lord, whom no man hath seen at any time
Thou hast distinguished between the just and the unjust
Thou didst make he female and the male
Thou didst produce the seeds and the fruit
Thou didst from men to love one another and to hate one another...
Thou art the manifestor unto the light...
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