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фотография Bal-Sagoth

Название :

Ehold, The Armies Of War Descend Screami

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    black metal   symphonic black metal   symphonic metal   epic metal   metal

Видео: Bal-Sagoth -  Ehold, The Armies Of War Descend Screami  

The Disciples of Zakumakura: Since before mankind hurled himself

squamously from the sea we have awaited

the awakening of great Zakumakura!

Now... the Dragon-King shall at last rise to claim his earthly throne!

Cast your gaze to the firmament and know fear,

for His forces fill the sky!

Behold, the armies of war descend screaming from the heavens!

The Order of Kl`aa: Your legions will fall as wheat before the harvest blade.

The long aeons of tyranny are at an end...

now, let the Ninth Millennium begin.

The Disciples of Zakumakura: The Ritual of Ascendency is complete.

Now is the time for trenchant steel and the massed throng of battle!

Cry havoc! Crush them, kill them, destroy them all!

The Invocation of Zakumakura: Kaiju, Dragos, Gojira! Kaiju, Dragos, Gojira!

The Disciples of Zakumakura: You have lost the game, fools of Kl`aa!

Your attempts to thwart our will have come to naught!

You are guilty of dire crimes against His Ophidian Majesty!

The charge is high treason against the empire...

you will bear this punishment with praise on your lips!

The Invocation of Zakumakura: Zakumakura Es-iaah! Zakumakura As-aaoh!

The Order of Kl`aa: High treason against the empire...

Bah! A thousand curses upon the coils of Zakumakura!

The power of Sentinel Omega shall be brought to bear against you!

The Disciples of Zakumakura: Invoke the Dragon-King...

and let the great serpent rise to devour the world of men!

Hearken... he rises, he rises at last!

Behold the celestial majesty of Great Zakumakura!!

We are all entwined within the coils of the great galactic worm!

The Aspirant to Sentinel Omega`s power: Elemental disarray...

chaos beyond the Tellurian cloudscape!

The galaxy burns! I am the receptacle of the ultimate power...

the power of Sentinel Omega...

I am the vessel of his greatness! I am the One!

The Disciples of Zakumakura: The galaxy is their battleground...

the stars are their arena! Let mankind despair in the knowledge

that this day did see an end to his insignificant dominion...

and the birth of a new era of glory for the servitors of the Dragon-King!

Sentinel Omega: I feel it... the omniverse exists within me!

Every molecule in my body is ablaze with cosmic fire!

I have forsaken my humanity forever...

I, who now walk with the gods amongst the endless stars!
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