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фотография Warhead

Название :

Track comments

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    nsbm   black metal   thrash metal   ukraine   hardcore

Видео: Warhead -  Track comments  

Mystic intro for the appearance of the leader of a sect.

"The Other Side"
Speech of the leader in front of his followers;
he demands they follow his orders and fight against their enemies.

"Celebrate Your Loot"
A song specifically against the catholic church
of the middle ages, asking them to celebrate
the riches of their loot - even nowadays.

"Six Billion Reasons To Hate"
Metal song about the apocalypse and today`s bigotry.

"Flashback Of A Poor Man"
An organ doner who, in need of money, promises a doctor
to let him have his organs. He can`t pay back the money
and is eviscerated while still alive.

"Shut Your Mouth"
More than just dissatisfaction with politics;
we ask the politicians to shut up. No more lies,
bigotry and corruption that they receive salaries
for, a normal person can`t even imagine.

Virus alert in a research lab.

"Perfect / Infect"
Sarcastic, apocalyptic lyrics similar to Mad Max.

"Into the Light"
Just like the light draws the butterfly, the woman
in this song is drawn to drugs which eventually kill her.
"It`s over now, you went straight into the light".

Scream: In a small community a girl is raped and killed.
A handicapped outsider, who everbody thinks is of unsound
mind, is being accused and lynched by the mob.

Don`t take this as an invitation to go kill your neighbour!
A song about a man gone beserk, who, due to several strokes
of fate, starts killing his neighbours randomly and senselessly.

"Behind My Eyes"
A ballad about birth, life and death.
What is left of a child`s enthusiasm once it has grown up?
What does one leave behind once one is dead?
Live your life to the fullest!.
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