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фотография Toby Keith

Название :

It`s All Good

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    country   toby keith   contemporary country   male country   pop

Видео: Toby Keith -  It`s All Good  

Mother earth has changed since I was a child
The east is a beast and the west is really wild
And the headlines say that the end looks grim
And the future don`t look so bright

You can`t even open your mailbox, you can`t take a plane
And everybody`s lookin` for somebody to blame
I think I`m gonna let the president
Save this ol` world tonight

I`ll light us a fire
And she`ll turn off the news
We`ll open a cold one and shake these blues

Chorus: It`s all good
It`s alright
I`m gonna sit here with my baby all night
And let the troubles of this world
Roll on by us like they should
It`s all cool
It`s OK
We`ve got everything going our way
Can`t complain if we`re alright
It`s all good

I`m just a regular Joe, with a beautiful girl
Just getting by in a day-to-day world
We ain`t got a lot, but we don`t need anything

Covered in kisses, surrounded by love
Showered with blessings from up above
When you`re sittin` on top of the world, man we got everything

We live out here in the country
Where the workin` class do
We`ve got our health and our happiness too

No can`t complain `cause we`re alright
And it`s all good
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