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фотография Nelly

Название :

Ei (This Is The Real Stuff)

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    rap   hip-hop   rnb   hip hop   nelly

Видео: Nelly -  Ei (This Is The Real Stuff)  

Uh 8x
Waita minute now Uh OOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Uh uh
Can ya hear me....
Lunatics is yal ready
Lemme hear ya UUUHHH OOHHHHHHH!!!!!

I`ma sucka for corn rolls and manicured toes
Philly capri pants and parachute clothes
Passadity city wit one or two blows
I`m droppin up outta high school
Straight into da pro`s
Who know?!
I know!
I love it when you make ya knees touch ya elbows,
and break it down low to da flow
Now ya know
Now throw it on me slow
And erytime I bust a rhyme baby GIMME SUM MO!!!!
You say ya like dat
When I hit it from behind,
And I`ll be right back,
Yea das my very next line I use it time after time
When I`m speakin my mind
It`s no matter if I`m shootin game
To a pigeon `n dime
Now tell me who dat is??!!!!
Talkin dat shit about da `tics!!!!!
Somebody prolly jealous cuz dey bitch got hit!
But ain`t nobody else droppin shit like dis!
Should we apologize???......
Fuck`em, jus leavum pissed (HEY!)

Chorus: Repeat twice

Andale Andale Momi E.I., E.I. UH OOHHHH!!!!
Wus Poppin 2nite?????
Andale Andale Momi E.I., E.I. UH OOHHH!!!!
If da head right Nelly der ery night!

We can travel to da break a dawn, nigga
Money long, nigga
Go fast up da skirt to talk to da bone, nigga
Some say I`m wrong but fuck it I`m grown, nigga
If ya ain`t bout money den best be gone, nigga
I`m flashy (WHAT!!!!)
Double takes when you walk past me, nasty
Don`t be skered boo, go ahead and ask me
I drive fancy, call me Jeff Gordon
In da black SS wit da navigation
Now da joints blazin
Some smell amazin
Got a chick rollin up, half black and Asian
Anotha one pigeon tellin me to come home
Her husband on vacation left her home alone
Now we got V-12 power
Weight loss powers
From Phat Farm to Iceberg Slim in one shower
Get room in Trump Towers jus to hit for three hours
Take the bitch up out da room cuz she used the word owls

Chorus 2x

Aye yo I gotta smashmouth a whole ounce
Of dat sticky
Wash my hands unda a cold spout
I`m feelin icky
Let go off in a hoes mouth
I ain`t picky
Start frontin when da shows out
Whatchu mean??!!!!
Twenty inches when dey roll out
Come and get me
Big faces when dey fold out
Is ya wit me?!
Don`t make me pull dat four four OooOoouuuuttt...
I keep it close eye when the dough OoOoOoOouuutttt...
Then I slide up in a escalade
Me and E gettin solid like da Ice Capades
Me in heat
Frost deep, Roger da Rabbit and Bugsy
Ya undastand me?!
Wrapped wrists like mummies
If you compare me to ya local grocery
Den you`ll see I got mo carats den isle D
Mo bread den isle G
Then bag and scan me
Sure like isle B
Meet da `tics in Maui (HEY!)

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