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фотография Tom Waits

Название :

Barber Shop

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    blues   singer-songwriter   experimental   rock   alternative

Видео: Tom Waits -  Barber Shop  

good mornin mr. snip snip snip witchur haircut jus as short as mine
bay rum lucky tiger butch wax cracker jacks shoe shine jaw breaker
magazine racks hangin round the barber shop a side burnin close crop
mornin mr. furgeson what`s the good word witcha been
stayin outa trouble like a good boy should i see you`re still cuttin hair
well i`m still cuttin classes i just couldn`t hep myself
i got a couple of passes to the ringle bros. barn bail circus afternoon
i see you lost a little round the middle and your lookin reel good
sittin on the wagon stead of under the hood
what`s the low down mr. brown heard you boy`s leavin town
i just bought myself a struggle buggy suckers powder blue
throw me over sports page cincinnati`s lookin` good
always been for pittsburgh lay you 10 to 1
that the pirates get the pennant and the series for their done
you know the hair`s gettin longer and the skirts gettin shorter
you can get a cheaper haircut if you wanna cross the border
now if your mama saw you smokin why she`d kick your ass
put it out you little juvenile and put it out fast
oh if i had a million dollars well what would i do
probly be a barber not a bum like you
still gotchur paper route now that`s just fine
now you can pay me double cause you gypped me last time
you be keepin little circus money and spend it on a girl
know i give the best haircuts in the whole wide world
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