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фотография Zero Hour

Название :

The Subterranean

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    progressive metal   technical metal   progressive   metal   american

Видео: Zero Hour -  The Subterranean  

Its Progress Has No Limits
And Neither Do The Eyes
Of The Subterranen Cynic
The One Who Must Hide
For All This Time
He Has Chosen A War Path
He Will End Its Greed
Feeling Beings Feeling
I Will Set Its Limit
For My Future Has No Home
The Snake Is In The Garden
I Go On Alone
I`m In Its Yesterdays I`ve Seen It Rise
Escaped By Thinking Twice I Live So It Must Die
I`m The Mystic I`m The One
I`m The Seasons It`s The Sun
I`m The Moon You`re Its Need
I Will Make It Bleed
I`m The Moon It Is The Sun
I `ll Eclipse All That It`s Done
I`ll Bring Renewal Through Destruction
I Will Make It See
This Is A Warning Of No Compromise
The Arrogant Will Be Made Humble
The Ignorant Will Be Made Wise
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