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фотография The Suicide File

Название :

Song For Tonite

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    hardcore   hardcore punk   punk   melodic hardcore   boston

Видео: The Suicide File -  Song For Tonite  

Wrap your arms around me
I`m fucking freezing, and I just saw napalm in your eyes
Rip off what`s left of another day, another crash
I`m not good with goodbyes
Moments like this don`t just come and go, so soak it in
This is all I know
Hollow eyes have seen it all
They say it takes a lifetime for an empire to fall
I keep swallowing, choking on ashes
hoping that you will help me breathe
But tomorrow`s not coming
There`s nothing left to believe
You look like Christmas to me, pale and glowing
The streetlight catching you through the window
And for a split second I forgot all my failures
and the trash on the street below
I`m here with you
You`re here with me
Let`s try to forget
Flesh on flesh
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