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фотография The Unseen

Название :

Something To Say

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    punk   street punk   punk rock   hardcore punk   hardcore

Видео: The Unseen -  Something To Say  

I`ve got something to say
and I just can`t fucking hold it anymore
it means more to me today
then it ever fucking did before
I`m a punk
and I`ve finally learned what it means to me
it doesn`t dictate who I am
I define what the word means

I ain`t ever scared to say
I`m proud to be where I am today
always follow your dreams
if I ever cared what people say
I wouldn`t be who I am today
be yourself to be free

use destruction
it`s the only way to pave salvation
but don`t forget creation
it`s the REAL history of this nation
hate and fear your government
because what they steal is your onlycovenant
love your land, your nation
but don`t forget theres a whole world out there waiting

be yourself to be free
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