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фотография Toxic Narcotic

Название :

People Suck

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    hardcore punk   punk   hardcore   crust   crust punk

Видео: Toxic Narcotic -  People Suck  

war for race church and state or just for hate annihilate oppress enslave pollute and waste rape and bum with no concern til all is spent all races creeds religiouse secrets or governments people suck destroy the earth with greed and thirst to come in first power sick with envy lust and genocide do you need onother fucking reason why people suck i`ll say it to your face fuck you you fuckin fuck i hate the human race fuck you you fuckin fuck its just a useless wast fuck you you fuckin fuckcouse im a human racist and peoplefuckin suck it is no suprise you close your eyes and hope it goes away when will you realize power corrups and that will never change don`t believe the lie that there can be any peace or unity humanity must die then there will finally be equality
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