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фотография Bee Gees

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    disco   pop   70s   classic rock   oldies

Видео: Bee Gees -  Alone  

I was a midnight rider on a cloud of smoke
I could make a woman hang on every single stroke
I was an iron man I had a master plan
But I was alone

I could hear you breathing with a sigh of the wind
I remember how your body started trembling
Oh what a night it`s been, and for the state I`m in
I`m still alone

1-And all the wonders made for the earth
And all the hearts in all creation
Somehow I always end up alone

Always end up alone, always end up alone
So I`ll play, I`ll wait
`Cause you know that love takes time

Living love betwen the line
We came (sha la) so close (so far)
Just the beat of a lonely heart
And it`s mi-i-ine, and I don`t wanna be alone

Well, since I got no message on your answer phone
Since you`re busy every minute I just stay at home
I make believe you care, I feel you everywhere
But I`m still alone

I`m on a wheel of fortune with a twist of fate
`Cause I know it isn`t heaven is it love or hate
Am I the subject of the pain
Am I the stranger in the rain I am alone

And is there glory there to behold
Maybe it`s my imagination another story there to be told
So I play sha la, I`ll wait sha la
And I pray it`s not too late
We came sha la so far so far
Just a beat of a lonely heart and it`s mi-i-ine
And I don`t wanna be alone
(repeat 1...)

Gone but not out of sight
I`m caught in the rain and there`s no one home
I don`t wanna be alone face the heat of the the night
The one that you love`s got a heart that`s made of stone
You search for the light
And sooner or later you`ll be cruising on your ocean
And clean out of sight I`m caught in the rain
And there`s no one home
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