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фотография Project Pitchfork

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    industrial   ebm   darkwave   electronic   gothic

Видео: Project Pitchfork -  Antidote  

blood in my veins . pumping pumping pumping
a strange kind of numbness . in my head and in my legs
maybe years ago a tiny sting . released a chainreaction
I`m watching gloomy to . and this makes me want to scream
I need the antidote . so please be my antidote
and let us be the antidote . for this kind of brain - paralysis
all these liars and palliators - canonize the destroying doings
and what you see is a caricature . of how bad it really is
increase of economy - by force of arms . military services -
in a nuclear reactor
asylum - for big earners only . and tomorrow we fire god
they`ve got their own language . to express their destruction
sweet rippling words . for growing growing growing
hypnotising headlines shall make . you drowsy drowsy
thats the way they want you to be . `cause that`s your function
wake me up . `cause time is slipping away . the term is nearly at the end
but the more you change yourself . the more you change the others
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