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фотография Korn

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    nu metal   metal   alternative metal   rock   alternative rock

Видео: Korn -  Faget  


Here I am different in this normal world
Why did you tease me? Made me feel upset
Walking stereotypes feeding their heads
I am ugly. Please just go away

I can see inside you fine
This blessing in disguise
Why you treat me this way?
Made to hate to stay

A cell locked,
I can never seem to escape all the laughing, all the pain
If you were me, what would you do?
Nothing, probably. You`d just go on your way

Faget! [pussy]

I`m just a pretty boy, whatever you call it
You wouldn`t know a real man if you saw it
It keeps going on day after day, son
-you fake, if we don`t want none
I`m sick and tired of people treating me this way everyday
Who gives a fuck?!
Right now I got something to say to all the people that think
I`m strange and I should be out of here locked up in a cage
You don`t know what the hell is up now anyway
You got this pretty-boy feelinglike I`m enslaved to a world that never
appreciated shit

He had my gun but he had to find the money[He might come, but
he has a body mighty]
any say, anyway, don`t wanna say, anyway, any say,
going away, don`t wanna say, anyway
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