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фотография Bob Dylan

Название :

Belle Isle

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    folk   singer-songwriter   classic rock   rock   folk rock

Видео: Bob Dylan -  Belle Isle  

One evening for pleasure I rambled to view

The fair fields all alone

Down by the banks of loch eiron

Where beauty and pleasure were known.

I spied a fair maid at her labour

Which caused me to stay for a while

And I thought of a goddess to beauty

Bloomin bright star of bright isle.

I humbled myself to her beauty

"fair maiden, where do you belong ?

Are you from heaven descended

Abiding in cupids fair throne ? ".

"young man, I will tell you a secret

Its true Im a maid that is poor

And to part from my vows and my promise

Is more than my heart can endure.

Therefore I remain at my service

And go through all my hardship and toil

And wait for the lad that has left me

All alone on the banks of belle isle".

"young maiden I wish not to banter

Its true I come here in disguise

I came here to fulfill our last promise

And hope to give you a surprise.

Ive known youre a maid I love dearly

And youve been in my heart all the while

For me there is no other damsel

Than my bloomin bright star of belle isle".
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