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фотография Bob Dylan

Название :

Billy 4

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    folk   singer-songwriter   classic rock   rock   folk rock

Видео: Bob Dylan -  Billy 4  

Theres guns across the river about to pound you

Theres a lawman on your trail like to surround you

Bounty hunters are dancing all around you

Billy, they dont like you to be so free.

Camping out all night on the veranda

Walking in the streets down by the hacienda

Up to boot hill the like to send you

Billy, dont you turn your back on me.

Theres mills inside the minds of crazy faces

Bullet holes and rifles in their cases

There is always one more notch in four more aces

Billy, and youre playing all alone.

Playing around with some sweet signorita

Into her dark chamber she will greet you

In the shadows of the maizes she will lead you

Billy, and youre going all alone.

They say that pat garretts got your number

So sleep with one eye open, when you wander

Every little sound just might be thunder

Thunder from the barrel of his gun.

Theres always another stranger sneaking glances

Some trigger-happy fool willing to take chances

Some old whore from san pedroll make advances

Advances on your spirit and your soul.

The businessmen from taos want you to go down

So theyve hired mister garrett, hell force you to slow down

Billy, dont let it make you feel so low down

To be hunted by the man who was your friend.

So hang on to your woman, if you got one

Remember in el paso once you shot one

Ill be in santa fe about one

Billy, youve been running for so long.

Gypsy queens will play your grand finale

Way down in some tularosa alley

Maybe in la rio pecas valley

Billy, youre so far away from home

Billy, youre so far away from home
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