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фотография Restless Heart

Название :

Truth Hurts

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    country   pop   country pop   80s   classic country

Видео: Restless Heart -  Truth Hurts  

Staring in your blue eyes
Seems like yesterday
Pledging to each other
Love would never go away

The fire would burn forever
I`d always be your man
But lately something`s happened
I`m afraid I understand

Truth huts
Baby don`t say goodbye
Truth hurts
I don`t want to see me cry
So get your story straight
Keep it well rehearsed
Do me a favor
Don`t let my bubble burst
The truth hurts

I`m not used to beggin`
I`ve never been that kind
But now my heart is breaking
And my ego`s on the line

I`ll tell me that you love me
And there`s nobody else
Don`t tell me any different
And I`ll convince myself


If we never face the issue
Maybe you`ll change your mind
I can`t see my harm, girl
In buying just a little more time

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