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фотография Silke Bischoff

Название :

Hold Me

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    darkwave   gothic   synthpop   ebm   industrial

Видео: Silke Bischoff -  Hold Me  

A lot of trouble the hole nigt through,a lot of tears for me and you.
We fight like mad dogs.
You throw glasses at the wall,
I say words I shouldn`t say and you run away.
A few days later you`re on the phone,
you spend the nights with a friend of mine
and you`re yearning for me.
"It`s too late, you`ve made your choice",
I say with tears in my eyes.
" So don`t call me again."

Hold me.

When I`m coming home at night,an ambulance is in the street.
I`m going up the stairs.
The door is open, you`re on the floor.
A man is coming out to me, saying:
"Too late, she took an overdose."
I run to you, I kiss your face,
look into your broken eyes
and you wisper in my ear:

"Hold me."

And you died in my arms.
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