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фотография John Denver

Название :

Ancient Rhymes

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    country   folk   singer-songwriter   acoustic   classic rock

Видео: John Denver -  Ancient Rhymes  

This song appears on four albums, and was first released on The
Flower That Shattered The Stone album, and has also been released
on the Stonehaven Sunrise, The Gift You Are and The John Denver
Collection - Sunshine On My Shoulder albums.

Two days before the moon was round
You felt the urge of sun`s light beams
The muffled world of dolphin sound
Slipped down and back into your dreams

For nine full months that passed before
You learned of all of life`s ancient rhymes
Then mother sensed a farther shore
And brought you forth into these times

So taste the air of your new world
And gently guide us to your mind
It knows the winds and sails unfurled
And holds to heart the dolphin kind

Welcome precious earthmade child
We met you first in your father`s songs
And mother`s smile and waters wild
It`s in this place you now belong

I know you know of all these things
And feel the faith of a dolphin`s sigh
For you were born on silver wings
To taste the high blown crystal sky

To sing one day to all of us
The songs you learned in dolphin lair
Giving hope to life as all we must
And teach us how their grace to share

Words and music by John Denver and Bob Samples
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