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фотография BLOODTHORN

Название :

Scarred Lands

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    black metal   death metal   blackened death metal   norwegian   norwegian black metal

Видео: BLOODTHORN - Scarred Lands  

Текст песни BLOODTHORN - Scarred Lands

The night all winds were stillAnd silence lay weightly on the soilBy a water sat a voiceless manAlone by the moonlit mirrorHe looked to the horizon with a mournful heartIn remembrance of what had beenStill he could sence the smoke( )
Of the countless pyres by the stoneHe let his hands carees the black groundAmong this urn`s` dark ashes lies memories of past times hiddenRuins of the times gone byOnce all this was his...His name had been carved in stoneHis image bore into battleBut his men were defeatedAnd his temple burned...This mournful man keep silentFor the faith in him is goneAnd the land he fought to defendHas withered in his abscenseBut still some hearts burn with rageFor the desecration of this landSome praise his name at night,

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