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фотография BLOODTHORN

Название :

The Day Of Reckoning

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    black metal   death metal   blackened death metal   norwegian   norwegian black metal

Видео: BLOODTHORN - The Day Of Reckoning  

Текст песни BLOODTHORN - The Day Of Reckoning

They gathered in the morning twilight, ten thousand mortal menWith banners held high to the sky, and eyes that gleamed with prideTheir hail was carried through the air as the king adressed the crowdHe spoke of the battle soon to come, and how the day would end in gloryThey all hearkened to his wisdom and in their souls a hope was litAnd with his words still ringing in their ears they marched...onwards into battle( )
The morning silence was broken by ten thousand marching menUnknowing of what the day might bring their hearts all beat with strengthThe day of reckoning was finally here, the slavery would endwith dreams of freedom they rose their heads and stared into the sunA cold pale void on the freezing sky, bearly breaking through the dustHigh above it's fading light lead the way ...onwards into battle

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