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фотография BLOODTHORN

Название :

Sounds Of Death

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    black metal   death metal   blackened death metal   norwegian   norwegian black metal

Видео: BLOODTHORN - Sounds Of Death  

Текст песни BLOODTHORN - Sounds Of Death

Behind the shuttered door a voice from below the earth rumbled like the fiery pits of the underworldAnd with such ferocious strenght it spoke, the entire world trembledHearken to me my legions ...walk out into the light andbring death and darkness with theeMarch onwards my legions ...destroy everything in thy pathMarch onwards ...into battle( )
...March to warThe night opened it's eyes and gazed upon the gathered armies of menWho greeted the coming horrors with a warrior's hail and swords prepared to killEndless was the stream of black that float from the heart of darknessGreeting the men with a deafening shriek and weapons raised in malicious hateOnwards onto the battlefield to welcome death and embrace the sufferings of warWith a thundering roar the armies clashed filling the day with the sound of deathStill the voice thundered over the sounds of the battle,spreading it's poisonous words to the attacking legions, encouragingtheir maiming, praising their killing and honouring the

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