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фотография BLOODTHORN

Название :

Beneath The Iron Sceptre

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    black metal   death metal   blackened death metal   norwegian   norwegian black metal

Видео: BLOODTHORN - Beneath The Iron Sceptre  

Текст песни BLOODTHORN - Beneath The Iron Sceptre

Hooves of iron sounds like thunder from the blackest earthIt's the day of the beast the time for darkness' rebirthDemons of war, bearer of plague and of painMinions of chaos, make holy blood pour down like rainFlames of the earth consuming the living with sinThe scent of burnt flesh poisoning the air and the wind( )
Clouds of black ashes cover the sun and the skyWhen day turns to darkest night all are sentenced to dieEnter a new realm of pain - So mezmerising to the beholderSlaughter of the human waste - Crushed beneath the iron sceptreWith a word from the master, the high commander of hellDeath to them all, like a plague, by a malevolent spellNo sanctuary - no salvation to save you from doom

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